General Surgery

General and minimal surgery services are provided in the hospital by a dedicated team of exclusively trained and extensively experienced surgeons. A well organised multi tier system of surgical experts available round the clock all patients needing elective as well as as emergency surgical help. The surgical services are rendered strictly in accordance with the established protocols of pre and post operative surgical care in all disciplines of the subject. Our facility is one of the pioneers in offering minimal access (laproscopic) surgery for a wide spectrum of surgical conditions. We have been performing practically the entire spectrum of laproscopic operations since 1994. This includes general and gastrointestinal surgeries, all kind of laproscopic hernia operations besides surgical oncology and gynaecology operations too. Over the past few years, we have added videoendoscopic thoracic surgery and laproscopic Bariatric surgery for morbid obesity also in the list of services offered by our department. Whether primary or teritary level, we cater to all kinds of patients with various kinds of co-morbid conditions in our exclusively provided modern operation theaters and well equipped surgical intensive care facility.