Department of Neuro Interventional Radiology

Non-surgical treatment of varicose vein, uterine fibroids, opening of blocked fallopian tube, vertebroplasty and many more

Single or multiple fibroids treated at one sitting, No general anesthesia, No removal of Uterus, No blood loss, No surgical scars, Faster recovery, and need just 24 hrs hospitalization.  Success rate better then other possible technique available.
Treating varicose vein without surgery, Walk home without Hospital Stay and without surgical scar
Opening of blocked fallopian tube without surgery. Same day discharged.
Vertebroplasty – Non surgical treatment of Fractured vertebral body.

Types of Image- Guided (USG &DSA) Radiological Interventions Procedures

Hepatobilliary (Vascular & non-vascular ) Interventional Procedures)

01. Transjugular Liver Biopsy
02. Percutaneous trans hepatic billiary drainage (PTBD)one side/both side
03. Removal/change of drainage catheter.
04. Percutanous trans-hepatic removal of biliary/CBD stones.
05. Percutaneous transhepatic CBD stenting (one/two side)
06. Percutaneous balloon Sphincteroplasty (papiloplasty) & Transpapillary Elimination of Bile Duct Stones
07. Post-pancreatitis embolization of aneurysm / pseudo-aneurysm
08. Arterio-portogram/evaluation of hepatic & splenic artery.(Diagnostic)
09. TIPS-Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt
10. Trans-arterial Chemo-embolization for targeted chemotherapy in hepatic tumor / Metastases.
11. Intra-arterial chemotherapy for liver masses
12. Embolization of liver hemangiomas/AVM’s
13. Trans-arterial I -131 for hepatic tumors.
14. GI bleeding  evaluation & embolization
15. Pre-operative Portal vein embolization.
16. T-Tube cholangiogram.
17. Post-operative cystic duct interventions.
18. Post-operative / trauma arterial & non vascular liver interventions.
19. Image Guided (USG/CT) Liver/pancreas/kidney/etc. Biopsy
20. Image guided abscess/cyst aspiration & drainage

Hemodialysis catheter insertion and Graft / fistulae management

1) Image guided (USG/DSA) dual / triple lumen, non-tunneled dialysis catheter insertion (Internal Jugular /  Femoral.) 
2) Image guided (USG/DSA) dual lumen, tunneled dialysis catheter insertion (Internal Jugular, Femoral )
3) Manipulation for malfunctioning tunneled catheter/removal of catheter
4) Evaluation of malfunction of Arterio-Venous fistula / graft. (Diagnostic).
5) Arterio-Venous fistula / graft angioplasty and  thrombolysis.(Intervention)
6) Evaluation of central venous system for venous hypertension. (Diagnostic)
7) Central venoplasty/stenting for stenosis. (Intervention)
8) Venous Mapping of arm/ leg (before making any type of AV fistulae.
9) Post catheter venoplasty for stenosis of vein.

The placement and management of hemodialysis catheters by interventional radiologists have played an important role in
- Catheter insertion techniques and
- Reduces the complication rates up to  0%.

Gynecology (Vascular & non-vascular ) Interventional Procedures)

1) Uterine artery embolization for fibroids (uterine sparing treatment) as an alternative to hysterectomy/ myomectomy.
2) Uterine artery embolization for post partum hemorrhage. 

3) Infertility: - Hystersalpinography and recanalization for proximal occlusion for fallopian tube blockage.
4) Uterine artery embolization during the course of radiation for Ca Cx, uterine carcinoma
5) Management of pelvic congestion syndrome (embolization of ovarian vein).

Limb / Peripheral Interventional Procedures

1) Lower extremity arterial angioplasty/stenting   Rt/Lt
2) Pelvic angioplasty/stenting
3) Pelvic/Leg Arterial thrombolysis Rt/Lt
4) Lower limb/Pelvic trauma angiography Interventions
5) Aortic stent graft
6) Aortic stent graft endoleak embolization
7) Haemangioma embolization and management.

Renal interventional Procedures

1) Renal artery angioplasty and stenting for stenosis.
2) Angiographic evaluation of renal trauma / bleeding and embolization.
3) Renal, perirenal cysts / abscess aspiration & drainage.
4) Renal Tumor embolization.
5) Percutanous Nephrostomy, drainage and Ureteric Stent (double pigtail/J)
6) Venous Sampling (Adrenal & renal vein)

Pulmonary and Chest Interventional Procedures

1) Diagnostic angiogram to evaluate hemoptysis.
2) Bronchial & other arteries embolization for hemoptysis.
3) Pulmonary arterio-venous malformation evaluation and management.
4) Evaluation of mediastinal syndromes (Diagnostic).
5) Mediastinal syndromes (angioplasty/stenting.(Intervention)

Neurointerventional Procedures (Diagnostic & interventional )

1. Various Diagnostic angiography for head and neck. (Cerebral and Carotid)
2. Intracranial and extracranial aneurysm coiling (non-surgical / minimally invasive radiological therapy)
3. Arterio-venous malformation embolization.
4. Intracranial & extracranial angioplasty and stenting for stenosis.
5. Preoperative embolization of tumors located in head and neck region.
6. Carotid artery angiogram and stenting.
7. Stenting  for dissection of vertebral and carotid  arteries.
8. Embolization of tumors involving paranasal sinus.
9. Management of dural sinus thrombosis.
10. Intra-arterial thrombolysis in cases of an acute stroke.
11. Petrosal sinus sampling.