Batra Neurosciences Centre


Department Of Neurology

Neurological services are provided for such disorders as headache, Seizures / epilepsy, vertigo, stroke, TIAs, dementia, movement disorders (including Parkinsons Disease, Parkisonism, tremors myoclonic jerks, tics and dystonia), Ataxias (cerebellar / sensory), Spinal Cord Disorders (myelitis), Radiculopathies, Neuromuscular Disorders (myasthenia Gravis / Myasthenic Syndromes), Neuropathy (Diabetic entrapment neuropathies) Myopathy (Dystrophy, polymyositis, metabolic).

Neuro Surgery

Department Of Neuro-Surgery

Department of Neuro-surgery is well equipped with all instruments of routine Neuro- surgery, micro neuro surgery and special equipment's like trans sphenoidal etc. There is a dedicated state of art operating micro-scope (Leica MC-1).

Neuro Interventional

Department of Neuro Interventional Radiology

Non-surgical treatment of varicose vein, uterine fibroids, opening of blocked fallopian tube, vertebroplasty and many more Single or multiple fibroids treated at one sitting, No general anesthesia, No removal of Uterus, No blood loss, No surgical scars, Faster recovery, and need just 24 hrs hospitalization. Success rate better then other possible technique available.