Clinical Biochemistry

The Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory is equipped with world grade measuring equipment like Dade Behring autoanalyzer, Roche Electrochemiluminiscence 2010 immunoassay systems, Roche blood gas analyzer, Protein Electrophoresis systems from Helena, semiautomated chemistry analyzer and automated glycated haemoglobin analyzer (Bio Rad D-10).

Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory undertakes all the routine biochemistry investigations including liver, kidney, cardiac and metabolic profiles as well as special tests like tumor markers, serum protein, electrophoresis and immuno-fixation electrophoresis, drugs of therapeutic value, thyroid function tests, DHEAS, Insulin, Trop I, NT-Pro BNP and CKMB mass (cardiac markers). Quality of all the tests performed is regularly monitored by adopting internal quality control processes and international external quality assessment scheme.