Homoeopathic Medicine

Department Of Homoeopathic Medicine Batra Hospital and Medical Research Centre is now introducing Homeopathic Department and with this addition, patient’s have the different medical facilities under one roof. Homoeopathy is an integral part of indigenous systems of medicine at Batra Hospital & Research Centre and started functioning on 1st Jan 2006.

Homoeopathy is scientific, logical, safe, quick and extremely effective method of healing. Homoeopathy is based on specific principal known as “Similia Similibus Curenter” (Let likes be treated by likes)

In other words “homois means – like or similar” “Pathos means – sufferings.”Thus Homoeopathy is method of curing the suffering of person by administration of drugs which have been experimentally proved to possess power of producing similar suffering in a healthy human being. Homoeopathy forms a natural approach to health as it aids the body’s ability to heal itself by stimulating the immune systems of body.

Homoeopathy at Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre It runs a private OPD between 9.00 am to 2.00pm from Monday – Saturday.

The department comprises of homoeopathic pharmacy and private OPD headed by Dr. Suman Niranjan, a senior Homoeopathic Physician and Consultant.

  • Since its inception the department has shown a steady growth in the number of Patients with the OPD figures.

Running Events:-

  • The Department is organising series of camps and clinical meets to create awareness.
  • Department is planning to upgrade itself with the modern technique including latest Homoeopathic software, etc.

Concepts of Homoeopathy:- In 1796, a German Doctor named Dr. Samuel Hahnemann discovered the scientific, safe & extremely effective method of healing that is Homoeopathy.

Homoeopathy, a Greek word, means – Similar Suffering. Homoeopathy is an effective and scientific system of healing which stimulates the immune system of body to heal itself. Homoeopathy discovers the essence of disease through the symptom syndrome (the totality of the symptoms expressed by the patients). By means of totality of symptoms the homoeopath can treat the individual as a whole, rather than the disease in its local expression.

Homeopathic medicine acts as a stimulant to the curative powers of the body (immune systems) which become faulty & depressed /disease conditions. Homoeopathy is a system of medicine that uses natural substances. These substances have been transformed by potentization into invaluable medicines for acute as well as chronic problems.

Why should Homoeopathy be the choice of therapy? Homoeopathy is scientific, logical, safe, quick and extremely effective method of healing. It offers long lasting cure, treating the disease from its roots, for most of the ailments. Homoeopathy is the most rational science with respect to its concepts of health, disease and cure. Homoeopathy does not treat superficially by just driving away the symptoms but heals the patient from within. Undoubtedly, homoeopathy is the medicine of future.

Homoeopathy: Magic of minimum dose: Homoeopathy has a unique approach for preparation of drugs in which the end result will contain only the ‘dynamic curative power’ of drug substance, devoid of any original crude substance. By a special mode of preparation called ‘potentization’, over 2500 homeopathic medicines are prepared from sources such as vegetables, animals, minerals, chemicals, etc. Hence homeopathic remedies with its ultra minute doses are non-toxic, absolutely harmless and bring about SAFE CURE. Homoeopathic remedies are dynamic agents influencing body’s energy.

Homoeopathy: Ideal for Infants and Children: Most of the children ailments like Cold, Cough, Fever, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Colic, Tonsillitis, Bronchitis, Asthma, Measles, Chickenpox, Mumps, Dentition problems, etc., could be very effectively and quickly treated with homoeopathy without producing any side effects whatsoever. Neither do they cause any allergies nor cause any damage even if taken over a long period. Children, willingly ingest homoeopathic pills as they are sweet in taste. Indeed, homoeopathy is child friendly! Besides, homoeopathy is effective also in temperament and behavioural problems seen commonly in children like irritability, obstinacy, temper-tantrums, fears, phobias, destructiveness; and thumb-sucking, nail biting, bed-wetting; as well as in mentally & physically backward children.

Homoeopathy offers wonder treatment for Viral infections: Viral infections such as common cold, influenza, measles, Chickenpox, mumps, viral hepatitis (jaundice), viral meningitis etc. are very well treated with homoeopathy.

Homoeopathy: Answer to Allergic diseases: Homoeopathy offers very effective treatment for allergic diseases such as various skin diseases like Urticaria, Eczema, Contact Dermatitis, and gives excellent results in Asthmatic Bronchitis.

Homoeopathy: Not a last Resort: To obtain the best results and full benefits of homeopathic science, one should resort to homoeopathy in the early phase of sickness. Because of ignorance and lack of awareness in general public about the usefulness of homoeopathy, many patients approach homoeopathy late. By this time the disease process advances to an incurable stage and homoeopathy can then offer little, to the otherwise curable disorders.

Homoeopathy: A near complete system of medicine:
Homoeopathy is not limited to certain diseases but is universally applicable to all kinds of diseases. Homoeopahy should be more and more made available to the benefits of ailing persons.

Homoeopathy – “The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health, or removal of the disease in its whole extent, in the most harmless way, based on easily comprehensible principles.
” “An Excellent Cure, at Nominal Cost”