Internal Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine
The Department of Internal Medicine provides comprehensive evaluation and analysis of patients. Staffed by team of very well qualified and dedicated clinicians, the department serves as the first step in evaluation and management of disease in a patient. It also forms a very strong base for this multispecialty hospital providing assistance to various other specialties in patients with multiple associated complicating medical problems. With 24 x 7 backup of support services like Laboratory, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine services the department provides advanced medical services. The department also regularly conducts DNB Medicine Course.


Dr. Suninder Singh Arora


Sr. Consultant, Internal Medicine


Dr. Dev Nath Jha


Sr. Consultant, Internal Medicine


Dr. Meghana Nathani Kabra

MBBS, DNB(Medicine), Fellowship in HIV medicine

Consultant, Internal Medicine


Dr. Ansuman Dalbehra

MBBS, MD (TB & Chest/Respiratory Disease)

Consultant, Internal Medicine


Dr. Juhi Dhar

MBBS, Diplomate in Internal Medicine

Consultant, Internal Medicine


Dr. Partho Sharothi Bose

M.B.B.S., MD (Pulmonary Medicine)

Consultant, Internal Medicine


Critical Care Services
Hospital has a 27 bedded Medical Intensive Care Unit including 8-bedded Neuro ICU for care of terminally ill patients suffering from life threatening diseases. The ICUs are equipped with state-of-the-art ventilatory and monitoring equipments and are manned by well qualified, well-trained and highly motivated staff for continuous monitoring and care of such patients. In addition to the 24x7 back-up team in the ICU’s, there are always in house consultants available, to take on the spot decisions on the treatment of the patients. The Department boasts of the largest number of Non-Invasive Ventilators in the country for use both within and outside of the ICU, with the help of these, the Doctors have not only been able to successfully wean off a large number of difficult ventilated patients, but also been able to avoid invasive ventilation. Widely regarded one of the best and affordable ICUs in the city, department gets referrals from all over Northern India.


Critical Care Ambulance:
Department has two Ambulances fully equipped with ventilators, monitors and well stocked with medicines. Critical Care Doctor & Nurse are available round the clock too. One can avail of its services by ringing up casualty at 26053333.


Video Bronchoscopy:
Batra Hospital was the first in the private sector to install Olympus Video Bronchoscopy in 2001. This has taken the department many steps forward in various bronchoscopic procedures including Bronchial & Transbronchial Biopsies, Transbronchial Needle Aspiration, Tracheo Bronchial Stenting Laserisation of Tumours, Control of Haemoptysis Dilatation and Brachy Therapy Procedures and many more.
The process is complemented by Spirometry & Lung Diffusion Studies.


The department has been regularly performing Medical Thoracoscopy for the evaluation of pleural diseases.


Sleep Laboratory:
The Hospital has a two bedded Sleep Laboratory where patients with various sleep disorders, are diagnosed and managed. Sleep study is also carried out in ICUs and designated areas within hospital without having to shift patient to sleep lab. Also, patients with chronic respiratory ailments can be titrated for long term Domiciliary Oxygen Therapy or Pressures for Non-Invasive Ventilatory support.


Video Bronchoscopy:

• Transbronchial Biopsy
• Transbronchial Needle Aspiration
• Forceps & Brush Biopsy Sleep Lab:
• Diagnostic Sleep Study
• Multiple Sleep Latency Test.


Pulmonary Function Laboratory:
• Including Lung diffusion studies


Video Bronchoscopy:

• Stenting
• Balloon Tamponade
• Broncho ALU Lavage
• Removal of Foreign body
• Trans tracheal Dialatation
• Laserisation of Endobranchial growths.
• Brachytherapy


Medical Intensive Care Unit:
• Invasive Ventilation
• Non-invasive Ventilation
• Complete Monitoring
• Various ICU Related Procedures


Sleep Lab:
• CPAP Titration
• BIPAP Titration
• Oxygen Titration


Critical Care Ambulance:
• For transport of critically ill patients with ICU team, full monitoring & ventilatory facilities