Medical Oncology

This department has a well equipped cancer day car centre for preparing and administering cytoxic drugs as per the international guidelines.  Every patient is given personalized attention  and care. The department also offers facilities for high dose chemotherapy and autologous.  Bone marrow transplants.  Expert prestigious institutes  of the country, lead the programme with regular updation of protocols.
Both solid tumors & haematological (Blood related) malignancies are taken care of in the department.

Chemotherapy Day Care Unit
Batra Chemotherapy Day Care Unit is dedicated to providing chemotherapy services for the management of cancer patients. Medical oncologists at Batra often utilize chemotherapy, which uses systemic treatment in the form of intravenous injections of anticancer drugs or, less commonly, oral medications to kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy Day Care is located in level-1 of A Block of the Hospital.All beds in day care are equipped with life supports equipments. We give all the facilities in day care unit which includes best nursing services,dietetics services and conselling for all Oncology patients.

Chemo Port
Chemo port is a Catheter(long, hollow plastic tube) connected to a plastic and metal reservoir.  It is placed in your chest, the catheter tip will be in a large vein in your chest.  The port itself will be under the skin of your chest, below your collarbone and above your breast tissue.
You will have a thin scar 1 to 2 inches long on your skin.  The port and catheter cannot be seen.  An interventional radiologist will place the port in your chest.

Purpose of a Part
A port can stay in place for months or even years, if needed.
Certain drugs cannot be given through a standard IV, but they can be given through the port.
Post have a lower risk of infection.

  • You will not have to have needle sticks to get blood samples or to access your blood for treatments.  These things can be done through the port.
  • It will take about 10 to 14 days for you to heal after the port is placed.  After that time, having the port will not restrict your activities at all.