Department Of Neuro-Surgery

Department of Neuro-surgery is well equipped with all instruments of routine Neuro- surgery, micro neuro surgery and special equipment's like trans sphenoidal etc. There is a dedicated state of art operating micro-scope (Leica MC-1). There is a dedicated theatre for department of Neuro -surgery where all types of complicated Neuro-surgical operations like aneurysm clipping, excision of AVM, brain tumors at various locations are carried out. All types of spinal surgery like micro - discectomy, spinal instrumentation for trauma cases and C-V Junction anomalies are done with excellent results.

A full fledged trauma centre is located in the new complex where a team of specialists will be readily available to tackle any poly-trauma case. The Department of Neuro surgery is backed by a large ICU with dedicated backup for neuro - surgery. This is manned by internal medicine experienced in critical care. ICU is equipped with best of ventilators, monitors and trained para-medical staff.

The department of neuro surgery has got backing of modern imaging facilities. The hospital is equipped with latest 1.5 TESLA GE MRI machine and also latest PROSPEED SX ADVANTAGE SPIRAL CT SCAN. There is also facilities for doing CT angio and MR angio. There is well equipped angio-labs where 4 vessel DSA can be done to detect intra - cranial aneurysms and also other vascular abnormalities both in cranium and spine. The department is also supported by well equipped department of neurology which has got two (2) full time Senior Consultants in Neurology. There are facilities of latest Video-EEG and digital EEG also EMG and NCV machines. The consultant in neuro-surgery are highly experienced and motivated lot to give best results in any Neuro- surgical emergency.

Diagnostic Facility Therapeutic Facility
MRI Brain and Spine Aneurysm Clipping
CT Scan Brain and Spine Neuro Endoscopy
MR Angio Trans Sphenoidal Surgery
4 Vessel DSA Spinal Instrumentation
EMG, NCV Lumbar and Cervical Microdiscectomy
EEG Brachial Plexus Surgery
  C-V Junction Anomaly Surgery
  Brain Tumor Surgery and Spinal Surgery
  Micro Vascular Surgery