Department Of Neurology

Neurological services are provided for such disorders as headache, Seizures / epilepsy, vertigo, stroke, TIAs, dementia, movement disorders (including Parkinsons Disease, Parkisonism, tremors myoclonic jerks, tics and dystonia), Ataxias (cerebellar / sensory), Spinal Cord Disorders (myelitis), Radiculopathies, Neuromuscular Disorders (myasthenia Gravis / Myasthenic Syndromes), Neuropathy (Diabetic entrapment neuropathies) Myopathy (Dystrophy, polymyositis, metabolic).

Neurosurgical services are provided for such disorders as Head Injury, Spinal cord Injury, Brain Abscess, SAH with aneurysmal clippings, Brain tumors, Spinal tumors, Encephalocele and Meningocele. Miscellaneous services include skull based surgery, lumbar and cervical disc surgery, muscle and nerve biopsy, Nerve Repair and VP shunts.

The Neurosciences Centre in Batra Hospital and Medical Research Centre hosts one of the best and most well coordinated twin superspeciality department of Neurology and Neurosurgery in New Delhi. Both the department boasts of highly experienced faculties combined with the best of latest diagnostic equipment and professionals handling them. Supportive diagnostic and therapeutic services are provided by Department of Radiology, Laboratory Medicine, Pathology, Physiotherapy, Cardiology, Radiation and Oncology.