Nuclear Medicine is a branch of medicine in which radioactive materials (unsealed sources of radiation) are used for the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

The department of Nuclear Medicine at the Batra Hospital undertakes the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from a wide spectrum of diseases.

A Hybrid Dual Head SPECT-CT System from Siemens (Symbia-T) has been installed in the department. 
In addition, Radio Immuno Assays are carried out in our RIA laboratory on the second floor where all hormone profiles are assayed. Patients are also treated in the Department with therapeutic levels of radioactivity for diseases such as thyrotoxicosis and painful bone metastasis, as outpatients.

Diagnostic Facility
Therapeutic Facility

SPECT Thallium (exercise, dobutamine and resting)

Treatment of Thyrotoxicosis by I-131


Myeloproliferative Diseases -Primary Polycythemia P-32

Infarct PYP-Scan

Essential Thrombocythemia P-32y

Renal DTPA study

Extensive Skeletal painful metastasis

RDS with GFR

Prostate Sr-89/P-32

Captopril Renal Study

Breast Sr-89/P-32

Transplant Evaluation


DMSA/GHA Renal Study




Bone Scan


Three Phase Bone Scan


Bone Marrow


Bone Marrow




V/Q Study


DMSA (v) Tumor Imaging


Parathyroid Scan




Testicular Scan


I-131 MIBG scan


Gallium scan


Salivary Gland


GE Reflux


GI Bleed Studies


Meckels study


Hepatobiliary study


Liver Spleen Scan


Tc-99m Thyroid Scan


Thyroid perfusion


Thyroid Uptake and Scan


Perchlorate Test


I-131 Whole body scan