1. PHARMACY:- A leading pharmacy with Retail Pharmacy 24/7 with all kinds of Allopathic, Surgical, and Cosmetics stocked in. We take immense pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the biggest pharmacy with well trained staff and a registered pharmacist available full time to serve you.
    We are specialized in all kind of ANTI-CANCER medicines. It is a well stocked with all kinds of drugs, medicines including life saving medicines and vaccines with 24hrs cold chain maintained .
    We are helping Cancer patients by providing them the original and authentic Cancer drugs at most economic rates. We are aiming to fight against Cancer till the last minute and stop death by fighting against the non-availability of Cancer drugs. We provide free home delivery.
  2. Ambulance:- Well equipped ACLS and BLS ambulances are available round the clock to cater any type of emergencies.
  3. Blood Bank:- Batra Hospital has its own Blood Bank which runs 24 hrs x 365 days. Where blood and blood components are stored under ideal conditions with temperature control and alarm facilities, following stringent screening procedures. The Blood Bank accepts blood on a voluntary donor/ replacement basis only. The technologically advanced blood transfusion unit carries out all therapeutic procedures & ensures availability of blood & blood components round the clock. Blood donation is undertaken during all working days from 9 am to 4.30 pm. Diagnostic Facilities:HBSAg/Hepatitis B marker (Rapid/Elisa), Hepatitis B marker (Elisa), Anti HCV/Hepatitis C marker (Rapid/Elisa), Anti HIV (1+2) Al DS (Rapid/Elisa). Immunohaemotological Tests: ABO and RH Blood Grouping, Red cell antibody screening, Direct and Indirect Coomb's test, RH antibody titre. Therapeutic Facilities: Therapeutic removal of all pathological components from the vascular compartment, Peripheral blood stem cell collection for bone marrow transplant, therapeutic phlebotomy.
  4. Guest House:- For comfortable stay for the accomplice of the patients the hospital has made provision for guest rooms. The Guest House is located within the hospital campus and are very economically priced. Each room is well-furnished with a double bed, TV and fridge. The attendants can choose between A/Ced and Non-A/Ced accommodation.
  5. Cafeteria
  6. Labour Compliances
  7. Transplant Approval
  8. BMW Report
  9. CDSCO Registration
  10. FWA Registration