Surgical Oncology

Surgical Oncology department of our hospital is one of the oldest and well equipped department in North India in Private sector. It was started on 1986. Surgery plays most important role in curing majority of cancers. The department of surgery oncology offers both out patient and impatient services for screening, diagnosis & treatment of cancers patient round the clock.  On an average more then 3,500 minor & major surgical procedure are performed every year, the procedure includes major head & neck, GI cancer, breast, colorectal gynae Malignancies & uro oncology. Being a multi-speciality hospital. Patients of high risk & multiple cormorbidites are managed under one roof.  By our internationally trained oncosurgeon. Our results are really remarkable in terms of giving quality of life to the patients.

The major surgical oncology surgeries performed are :
Head & Neck - Commando surgeries for oral cancers larynx surgeries.  Neck dissection and thyroid surgeries.
Breast - Breast conservative surgeries, Mastectomies (MRM) with reconstruction
GI surgeries - All types of minimally invasive surgeries.
Oesophagectomies / gastrectomies

  • Radical cholecystectomies
  • Liver resections
  • Whipples operation / pancreatic surgeries
  • Small Bowel resections
  • Spleenectomies
  • Lower anterior resections
  • Abdomino perineal resections
  • Sigmoidectomies
  • Total procto cholectomies, ISR

Gynea Oncology :

  • Ovarian laparatomies
  • Fertility preserving ovarian laparotomy in young & early cases
  • Wertheims hysterectomies
  • Retroperitoneal lymphanode dissection

Uro Oncology : Partial radical nepherectomies

  • Radical nepherectomies
  • Radical & partial cystectomies with all types of urinary diversion
  • Radical prostatectomies
  • Retroperitoneal LN dissection

Soft tissue tumor

  • Limb salvage surgeries
  • All types of reconstruction



Total solution for all cancer needs with highest standard of care.